Assembly Hints 

We know how some people will look at the instructions as a last resort, so we thought we call out some hints here as well as in the installation guide.    

Measure twice, don’t need to cut at all

We’ve put a lot of effort into making the kits sets easy to install and ensure all the parts are the right size.  we strongly recommend have a good measure to make sure the selected size will fit and suit the area you have in mind.   

Paint before you assembly 

This will save you an hour and a potential headache later as you won’t need to mask around the nice fastening so then don’t get covered in paint.  

Painting before install also means there no chance of dripping white paint on your nice deck either (headache #2 avoided).   

We also don’t recommend spraying, yes we know it’s quicker, most spray gun manufactures will tell you to dilute the paint as part of the process, this can force moisture into the timber causing lots of issues down the track - using a good old brush or roller is our recommendation.